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Female Sexual SlaveryFemale Sexual Slavery

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Now a feminist classic, this book launched a global movement against traffic in human beings!  In America, runaway girls are procured by waiting pimps and forced into prostitution.  In Paris, thousands of teenage girls from the Middle East disappeared into brothels.  All over the world wives and partners are beaten – either emotionally or physically – into submission by men.

These women are victims of female sexual slavery which the author carefully defines as practices where girls and women are sexually exploited, physically abused and cannot get away.  This pervasive practice cuts across all lines of race, class, and culture. It is the subject of entertainment in pornography and ultimately affects all women.  With startling honesty and brilliant scholarship, Female Sexual Slavery exposes the social, political, and economic patterns which created the enslavement and in the modern world, demand that it continue – through legal and illegal prostitution as well as in the insidious sexualization men impose on women.

Praise and reviews for her book Female Sexual Slavery:

Kathy Barry has written a courageous, crusading book that should be read everywhere…it exposes and documents the international slave trade that is a mockery of human rights, and a back-of-the-mind terror that haunts women and girls, wherever we live. Gloria Steinem

This powerful and compassionate book should be read by anyone concerned with social values, with sexuality, with psychology-female and male." Adrienne Rich

A powerful work filled with disbelief, outrage, and documentation…sexual bondage shackles women as much today as it has for centuries. Los Angeles Times


Prostitution of SlaveryProstitution of Sexuality

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In The Prostitution of Sexuality, Kathleen Barry assesses how far we have come fifteen years after the publication of Female Sexual Slavery, and more importantly, how far we have still to go. Revealing the extent to which the sex industries have normalized a prostitution of sexuality, Barry exposes exploitation, from teenage sexuality and marriage to the flourishing sex tourism industry emphasizing the global dimensions of the multi-billion dollar pornography industry.  She introduces a model for international law, the Convention Against Sexual Exploitation, which treats the purchase and use of human beings for sex as a violation of human rights, a law that subsequently has been effectively enacted as state law in several countries.

Praise and reviews for her book Prostitution of Sexuality:

Frightening, provocative, controversial, and much needed  are a few words to describe this work of feminist scholarship that’s a follow-up to Barry’s groundbreaking Female Sexual Slavery.  Booklist

Barry’s work is courageous, insightful, and disturbing.  Not simply a book about prostitution, Barry’s study significantly challenges the taken-for-granted understanding of sexual relations between males and females (highlighting the personal is political) as well as the general comprehension of ‘consent,’ ‘forced,’ and ‘free’ prostitution.   Choice

A brave an brilliant book – a quantum leap forward for global feminist theory.  Robin Morgan

An accurate, devastating, and compelling analysis.  Phyllis Chesler


Susan B. Anthony - A BiographySusan B. Anthony: A Biography

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Susan B. Anthony had not started out with a dream. Her Quaker beginnings were humble and she spent her days doing household chores until she became a school teacher. By her late twenties she had chosen the work of striving for social justice over marriage as her vocation. She left her secure teaching position to become an abolitionist in the struggle against slavery and a champion for woman's rights.  Here, in this brilliant biography, is the portrait of this most singular feminist – who she was, what she felt, and how she thought.

With countless letters, diaries, and other documents as her sources, Kathleen Barry offers new interpretations of Anthony's profound relationship with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and illuminating insights on Anthony's views of men, marriage, and children. She paints a vivid picture of the political, economic, and cultural milieu of 19th-century America. And above all, she brings a very real Susan B. Anthony to life – with all of her weaknesses and all of her strengths. This biography is an every woman story of how with the courage of her convictions one woman could forged a movement and bring about lasting justice.

Praise and reviews of Susan B. Anthony: A Biography of a Singular Feminist:

Thorough and adventurous biography.  Narrates Anthony’s political evolution with skill and acumen.  The New York Times Book Review

Compelling and moving.  The Kirkus Reviews

A scholarly but very readable biography of the great women’s rights activist…Recommended.   Library Journal

Of course there is extensive detail given on her work and achievements; but Barry’s attention to portraying the personal side and motivations of Anthony is what sets this biography apart from others…  It paints a more human side.  Midwest Book Review


Vietnam's Women In Transition

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Based on Kathleen Barry's (editor) project with feminist scholars in Vietnam, this book, the first  publication of its kind since before the U.S. war in Vietnam, shows the women of Vietnam coming into their own- from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and from the Mekong Delta to the Red River Delta. Here women's conditions, their needs and policy expectations during the early stages of modernization of this newly industrializing economy are revealed.  The language of women and of research from a society that is in dynamic change, where women are in movement from the informal to the national economy, conveys the intense urgency associated with issues that range from the effects on the family of modernization, to urbanization and the effects on women's labor, to agricultural development, to women's health and fertility, to violence against women, and to women's political status and history.  This research on women at the moment of critical change by Vietnamese feminist scholars is joined with observations, analysis and feminist theories of US researchers in a cross-cultural exchange. 



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